PLRe 4 Disk Workshop Training DVD

The 4 DVD set of the Past Life Regression Experience ( PLRe ) workshop with Gordon Smith & Nigel Hetherington.

The PLRe workshop training DVD covers the full spectrum of how to safely facilitate a PLRe. The DVD are packed full of demonstrations of each of the core steps of PLRe. Watch again and again to fully absorb the patterns and techniques as they are presented and demonstrated.


PLRe Workshop 4 DVD set £45 including postage and packing.

Disk One

  • Framing & Concepts : Thoughts and ideas and framing for the PLRe training.
  • Centering & DeFraming : Group trance for facilitators of PLRe
  • Elman Style Induction – Part One : Two demonstrations

Disk Two

  • Elman Style Induction – Part Two
  • Discussion Elman Style Induction
  • Present Life Regression : Demonstration
  • Past Life Regression : Demonstration

Disk Three

  • Welcome Back – Recapping
  • Past Life Regression Experience – Demonstration One
  • Past Life Regression Experience – Demonstration Two

Disk Four

  • Feedback So Far
  • Future Life Progression – Demonstration
  • Commencement


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