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Bringing The Lessons of The Past Into Today

  • Posted on July 18, 2012 at 4:37 pm

It’s said that when children enter into the world they often have clear memories of previous lifetimes. As they grow older, those memories fade rather like the memory of a dream.

Past life regression gives you the opportunity to learn from your previous lives and bring those lessons forward into this life. The concept of reincarnation is relevant to the eastern traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism. The soul transmigrates through life times gaining wisdom and  virtue.

In Sukhavati the mythical lotus pond of Avalokiteshvara where migrating souls may be found as a lotus in floating on the pond, moving towards their enlightenment.

Many people report noticing strong parallels between this life and their previous ones. They often get the answers to why they find themselves attracted or repelled by things in this life.

Future life progression is a fascinating process, looking into your future and seeing just what sort of life you could have. Naturally, nothing is fixed and many people believe that what you experience is just one of the many options open to you in the future.

Our processes are safe and our clients always feel in control during these techniques. Why not allow yourself to take a journey with us into the known/unknown.