Past Life Regression

We’ve probably all heard about past-life-regression at some point in our lives. It’s a subject that has received much attention along with a fair share of criticism.

Past Life Regression Experience ( PLRe)  is in our perspective a very powerful way of addressing emotional and behavioural blockages that are effecting your life now, here today. The purpose being to make emotional shifts that help you change your behaviours and thoughts in a way that is relevant to today, now.

One of the most powerful things you can say is “This is not mine”. That is dis-own a problematic feeling that did not originate with you in this life.

Respecting the opinion you currently hold,  there truly is no substitute for experiencing first hand your own well managed regression. This will naturally include, as well, receiving all the tools you require to guide someone else through a regression, whether they be a client, a relative or friend.

Our professionally led weekend training course is designed to coach you through a proven, step-by-step process that will not only provide you with the skills needed to facilitate a PLRe, but promises to take you on a journey that many have described as life changing.

Unlike any other PLRe training in the region, also included is guidance on how to facilitate an In-Between-Lives regression, a whole new fascinating and little known field of hypnotic regression.

We are now offering a 4 DVD set of the Past Life Regression Experience which is a very complete explication of the whole process. This instructional DVD includes framing, choice language, process and many demonstrations including an Elman style induction, pre-framing, regression in this life and moving into Past Life incorporates into the complete PLRe process. The full workshop experience is available as a 4 DVD set at £45 inc. P&P.

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